Step 4 – Healthy Futures

Step 4 – Healthy Futures

The top step in TMT programs primes your business for the future.

  1. Prevention prepared a strong foundation and direction
  2. Admission brought new employees successfully into the fold
  3. Checkups improved productivity and engagement
  4. Healthy Futures inspires talent development and fosters future leaders

We covered a lot last week. This week, we take the step to apply what we learned (through communication) about our employees. What are their skills, aspirations, talents, aptitudes? The advantages of talent development include:

  • increased team engagement,
  • top-notch productivity,
  • support and execution of strategies and goals, and
  • increased value to your customers and community.

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to” – Richard Branson

Talent development is for everyone, not just for those with leadership potential. Perhaps your business would benefit from a frontline employee developing his customer service skills. Maybe your office clerk could be more tech-savvy (form development, budget worksheets…). Or would your business benefit from teaching your sales staff some techniques for building customer relationships?

Perhaps your team members have unused talents you have never leveraged. You may have hired a receptionist with an education in marketing. Why not take advantage of that? Your sales clerk may have a great grasp of social media or website design. Are there creative minds to help with marketing? Artistic talents you could use for merchandising? Clerical skills to support existing office staff? Rather than outsourcing or hiring more people, you could capitalize on your inhouse talent for mutual gain.

Of course, developing leadership is essential for current needs and succession planning. Who to develop? How? Being a top salesperson does not mean he is ready to be a sales manager. He will probably need at least some Team Management training. Maybe he doesn’t have the attributes necessary for that role at all. TMT will help you assess the competencies required for your leadership positions so you can accurately assess and properly prepare your future leaders.

To recap, TMT’s steps to develop a strong team and a healthy business are:

  • Step 1 – Prevention: policies, procedures and handbooks
  • Step 2 – Admission: role clarity, selection and onboarding
  • Step 3 – Checkups: communication, productivity, duty to accommodate and much more
  • Step 4 – Healthy Futures: talent development and succession planning

Now that you have been introduced to the TMT Steps, I would love to meet you, get to know your business, and find out how I can help with your HR needs. You can contact me at or on my cell at 403-318-4312. I look forward to learning more about Central Alberta’s small businesses!

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