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Workplace infections are toxic – TMT is the antidote.

Workplace infections are toxic – TMT is the antidote.

Strong teams are the foundation of a healthy business

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TMT helps leaders tap into the potential of their teams.


We create strong systems that tie into your corporate values and set expectations of your team, allowing you more time to manage the manageable, while achieving improved productivity and loyalty.


TMT’s services include documents, programs, workshops and coaching on:

  1. HR Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbooks
  2. Selection and Onboarding
  3. Team Management
  4. Talent Development

If you are interested in finding out how TMT can help your business, I would love to meet with you for a free consultation to identify the priorities.

Why Is It Called Team Management Triage?

TMT looks at the “symptoms” of your team – absenteeism, productivity issues, etc., but we don’t just put a Band-Aid on it. We provide both preventative and corrective programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching. The approach and content varies, customized to the specific needs of your small business.

About TM Triage

My name is Rose Gillespie, the founder of Team Management Triage. All of the steps I took while advancing my career in the corporate world led me to understand that ethical leadership and strong HR programs build success. I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations with Distinction, and I am a CPHR Candidate. I believe in life-long learning and invest in that ideal to ensure my knowledge is current and the services TMT offers are of the highest calibre.

TMT can help you untangle the complexities of HR so you can lead your team to success.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Collaborating For Success

Foundations For Success

Do you need help with structuring your people policies?

Better Results

Are you happy with your current performance appraisal format?


Has your business growth caused some unexpected issues with your staff?

Risk Management

Are you familiar with current Employment Standards, Human Rights and privacy laws?

Work/Life Balance

Do you struggle to balance HR duties with the rest of your work?

Performance & Productivity

Do you have a structured performance improvement plan?